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We are looking for new Fundraisers!

With the support of Samburu Child Foundation our programme has had, since 2006, a significant impact on the lives and livelihoods of young people from disadvantaged households in Samburu, just by providing the opportunity to them to enjoy secondary school education.

1. We are proud because 2000 students have been able to successfully obtain a high school diploma, paving the way to find a brighter future and escape poverty.

2. We are proud because of the fact that many young girls have escaped early marriage as result of the efforts of proving them with school fee contributions. (We simply fight early marriage with education!)

3. We are proud because our students work very hard and obtain prime results, year after year and score among the highest results in Samburu County!

4. We are proud to be associated with Samburu Child Support Foundation in the Netherlands. the foundation that has supported us since it was founded in 2006.

5.We are proud that we had the financial backing and support of many individual and cooperate donors and friends.

However we are sad that our organization has become ‘At Risk’ of running out of core funding, as the 4 year funding period of one of our main donors has come to an end recently. We simply cannot accept that our programme comes to a grinding halt, therefore we are looking for new fundraisers that can support our program!!

If you have an idea for fundraising, please sent an email to

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