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Not every child in Kenya has the privilege to enter primary of secondary education. Secondary education is only partly subsidised by the government. Many children or their parents cannot afford the school fees.

Situated in the North, Samburu has a history of low-level investment in infrastructure, education and health. Poverty among urban and rural population is high while challenges to earn reasonable incomes are many. A large proportion of Samburu residents live in poverty with the result that children do not attend schools due to the financial constraints at household level. The vicious circle remains, in which youth –just like their parents- end up leading similar lives without significant perspectives.

We at Samburu Child Support believe that a strategy of small scale project initiative go a long way in establishing success in an effort to turn around prospects. Our approach focuses on finding locally based practical and durable solutions that can assist and guide children towards a future with a meaningful perspective.

We work with a team based in Maralal, a town in Samburu County. This team consists of local people who are engaged with the children in a unique sponsorship program. Financial support provides the opportunity for a child to access education that will allow building a promising future. This school assistance program provides a sustained support for a period of four years in which a youth can complete secondary education.

A unique feature that is build into the program is the principle of reciprocity. On the one hand the program contributes to the education of participants while on the other students participate in activities that are beneficial to communities. These activities include providing care and domestic help to the elderly or disabled, and to participate in reforestation to fight off erosion.