We believe that access to education provides a significant outlook for each individual child. With this in mind the Secondary School Students Assistance Programme has been developed. Other initiatives are linked as part of this primary objective where children from under privileged households get support to obtain and complete secondary education.

Selection procedures
A socio economic profile is drawn of each individual child that seeks participation in our programme. This is to establish the economic strength of the household to which the child belongs and to ascertain exceptional hardship conditions that enforce the youth to seek assistance. (This could include early marriage of girls). We can say that given the challenges and circumstances that they encounter, approximately 95% of our candidates would qualify to be included in the programme. Existing budget restrictions however enforce us to apply strictest selection.

Financial sponsorship activities
Once selected into the programme the students receive three times yearly a financial contribution to their school fees. These payments are made directly to the schools. In addition parents or next of kin also contribute whenever they can. Apart from the school fee contribution each child gets a personal allowance to be able to buy some personal needs, items such as pens, exercise books, or pay for transport to school etc.. School text books are also provided by the programme.